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Welcome To Syed Ikram Shah's Web Site.

Assalam O Alaikum

I am a residence of Shaidu which is in N.W.F.P province of Pakistan. My father name is Syed Ahmad Shah. I have four brothers, namely Syed Akmal Shah, the elder, then Syed Yasin Shah and Syed Aziz Shah and then me.

     My grandfater, Syed Mubarak Shah, has only two suns, one my father and other Syed Qasim Shah. Syed Qasim Shah has only one sun which is Syed Jaffar Shah. And Jaffar Shah has also only one sun Waleed Shah, who is the youngest member of our family.

    I read in Iqra College of Science which is situated in jehangira and Jehangira is almost 1 km far from shaidu.

Here are some important sites which, i am sure, you will find very usefull.



www.dawn.com ( about news)

www.bbcworldnews.com ( about news)




www.notingham.ac.uk (university)

www.hewad.com (About Pushto language and Afghanistan)

www.iccchampionstrophy.com (Cricket)

www.cricinfo.com (Cricket)


www.amazingpakistan.com (About Pakistan)

www.aboutthekids.org  (kids)

www.cartoonnetwork.com (Cartoons)

www.123greetings.com  (free greetings)

www.americangreetings.com  (free greetings)

www.shahscience.8k.com   (MY SITE ABOUT SCIENCE)




My school friends

All my class mates are my good friends and their names are :-

Said Zaman ( nic name  pooza & beauty)

Khan Ghalib (Booda)

Waqar Ahmad

Adil Ashfaq

Jamal Yousaf

Yasir Muhammad

Muhammad Haris (Marazee)

Muhammad Jamil

Allah Dad

Arif Ullah

Shahid ur Rehman

Kifayat (Loofer)

Farman Ullah (Toorai)

Waqas Khan

Rizwan Ahamd

Saghir Khan

Abdul Aziz

Faiz Aftab

Rifaqat Nawaz

Zeeshan Ahmad

Zeeshan Qaisar

Adnan Khan

Adnan Rafique

Ammad Ali Shah (Bagoor)

Murad Gull

Abdur Rehman

Tariq Gull

Sana Ullah  (manoona)


VISIT www.shahscience.8k.com